Wedding Timeline

Your wedding day can be a very stressful day and having a wedding timeline that is laid out with advice from your the appropriate vendors can end up turning into the most enjoyable day due to their experience. Here are some tips to help have the most enjoyable wedding day possible.

  • Start building your timeline by using your ceremony time as the starting point. Once this time is set in stone your whole day revolves around this time.

  • Consider travel time between locations. If you are having a wedding in a big city like New York versus out in the country, traffic may or may not be an issue.

  • Always have a backup indoor rain location and consider the time for that location. Your venue may be a good fit for this but if you feel it is not then a location like a winery or a hotel may be a good fit.

  • In a perfect world leave approximately 1 - 1.5 hours of time open for bridal photos.

Here is an example of how your wedding day may look:

9am Start with prep photos at Bride and Groom location
11am - Bride to be in dress to ensure we have ample time to take morning prep photos

1pm - Ceremony (may be 30 minutes or a 1 hour ceremony)
2pm - Family photos immediately after your ceremony

230-4pm - Wedding photos with bridal party

5pm - 6pm - Cocktail hour
630 - Guests start to sit down in their seats for dinner
7pm - Formal Introductions (Speeches, Dancing, Dinner)

9pm - Dessert is served approximately around this time
915pm - DJ opens up the dance floor and let the party begin !
10pm - Garter and bouquet toss

When it comes to the timeline during your reception I highly recommend that your DJ or a friend or family member with MC experience be put in this roll. They will make sure your evening runs on an exact timeline and the night will not be dragged out longer than it should be.