You never know until you ask! My website shows you a quick sample size of my work and myself. If you like what you see, shoot me an email and tell me about your wedding and let's meet to figure things out!

Wedding photographer, Boston Red Sox fan … and a little too obsessed with movies.

My Style

Life has so many memories and we all remember them in different ways. That first concert with friends, first family pet, first step, first baseball game, or your first family trip. But one thing that is in common with all these is a photograph helps tell that memory. A photograph may be just a still image, but it can trigger a memory of a story or an emotion, and this is what I strive to create when capturing the moments of your wedding.
Wedding photography should be photographed as it happens, just like the milestones in your life. My goal on your wedding day is to photograph your moments with an almost hands off approach to show real images but stay in the mix just enough to ensure a smooth and relaxing day.

Getting to know you as a couple

I consider myself to be a huge people person. I love socializing, love meeting new people and I love hearing stories. What better place to do this than a wedding! I am based out of Niagara’s wine country but photograph couples on their big day all around the world. I believe that wedding photography is not just about taking a great picture but it's about getting to know the couple in that beautiful photo. Whether it is hanging out with them at a coffee shop talking about their wedding, or becoming friends with them while we hit up a Blue Jays game in Toronto, getting to know my couples on a personal level always delivers the best results for their wedding images

What Drives Me

I am a huge movie buff and I am always fascinated by how directors are able to show emotion between characters and make us laugh or cry. Whether it be the lighting, framing of a shot or the environment. The entire thought process amazes me and I strive to create the same thought process with wedding images to ensure that every wedding looks and feels different.