Location For Your Wedding Photos

Having a perfect backdrop for your photos is such an important thing on your wedding day. The photo location can be where you were proposed to or just a place you as a couple enjoy visiting. Here are some things to consider when picking a photo location :


  • Make sure you have permission to be on the grounds

  • Depending on the location you may need to pay for a permit or call and talk to a supervisor and just have verbal permission

  • Determine if the location provides a variety or backdrops for photos. If it doesn’t thats okay but ensure you talk to your photographer as they may be able to make a suggestion for you

  • Is the location a reasonable driving distance from your reception venue ? I always tell couples anything over 20 minutes away is not recommended because you end up spending around 30-40 minutes of driving around versus using that time for photos

  • If you are getting married on a holiday/long weekend your photo location may be very busy with tourists or have an event which will draw a crowd. Check your photo locations website for details

  • Find a backdrop that is YOU and not in trend. Trends change but something you enjoy will be special and significant.

  • Sometimes you have a ton of time for photos and depending on the amount of time we have have some fun with it and go do something fun. Sometimes couples go for ice cream if it’s a hot summer day.