Keep All Your Vendors In The Loop

Communication is the #1 thing a couple should do with their vendors and it is also the #1 thing vendors should do with their client. I myself check in with my clients at least once or twice a month to ensure their wedding is on track. At the same time when I do this I may also receive a piece of information that may be related to photography even though the couple may not think it is.

Another benefit to making sure there is constant communication from both sides is if there is a scenario we are unsure of 3 months before the wedding we can fix it immediately and well before the wedding. If I didn’t check in with couples monthly and only talked to them during a meeting a week before their wedding, all these new ideas that they came up with over the last few months may not be doable from a photography aspect. To put it simple it’s easier to figure things out as you go with your wedding versus making a big list and worry about it a week before your wedding and be in panic mode.

In a perfect world the last month before your wedding should be set in stone and you should just be having your final meetings with your vendors to re-confirm everyone is on the same page and possibly do final payments with vendors.