Importance Of A Wedding Planner

A wedding planner is the backbone of any wedding that is flawlessly put together. A wedding planner is a person who knows anything and everything and is such a great person to have on your wedding day. They are the ones who think of things outside of the box and know every little random and potential obstacle on a wedding day and know how to fix it without interruptions. They are someone who stays in constant communication with your vendors ensuring everyone is on the same page with your wedding day. A great reason to also have a Wedding Planner is IF something happens on your wedding day a Bride and Groom would be the ones usually having to deal with it, but if you have a wedding planner they can most likely solve it quicker than the couple because the couple will end up having to stick on their schedule to ensure they get their photos taken as well. Unless your wedding budget doesn’t allow you to book certain vendors I highly recommend listening to your Wedding Planner with which vendors to book. They have worked with certain vendors time and time again for valid reasons and as the saying goes. “Why fix something if it isn’t broken?” The last thing I can suggest is don’t question what your Wedding Planner is doing and don’t have control over them. If you end up controlling what they are doing you will not get the best experience possible from them. Trust them and if you want something done in a certain way, explain to your wedding planner what you’d like and they will pick the best route with your idea in mind and ensure it works out.