The DJ - Make or Break a Party

A great DJ will get to know his couple and the type of music they listen to versus create a cookie cutter playlist. They will make sure to only play music you want and not the macarena. A DJ understands the dancefloor and will notice a pattern with when people are on the dance floor and not according to the music. Once the DJ catches on to guests music interest they will start to play music from that genre more consistently. A good DJ will also have lighting to help create a club style environment in your hall. One of the most important things a DJ will have is a setup that looks like it belongs and does not stand out like a sore thumb. You spend alot of money of decor and flowers etc. to dress up your reception room and the last thing you want is to have something stand out in an odd way. One of my favourite wedding DJs from the area is Liquid entertainment. Patryk and his team create an awesome experience for their guests by offering DJ service and also act as MC’s if requested.