Engagement Session Guide


Your engagement session is a celebration of your unique relationship that you two have together as a couple. My goal is to not only take pretty pictures but to also give you time to yourselves and bring you even closer before the wedding day. It is chance to get to know me with a camera in my hand and how I work with you. Lastly, It is a chance for you to open up in-front of the camera and for you to get photographs taken in a location that means something to you. First date location? Maybe at the drive inn? Or if you love wine, why not in some vineyards?


The session can last anywhere from 1 - 1.5 hours. Actual time in-front of the camera is usually around 45 minutes with the rest set aside for travel, setting up your shoot, or just taking a break and talking about the wedding day.


Neutral colours are always easy to work with and compliment well with any backdrop. Let’s avoid large logos and text on clothing as your eye when looking at the photo gets drawn to that first versus you. Depending on the location we are going to make sure you select clothing that makes sense for it. If we are going on a hiking trail you do not want to be wearing a fancy dress with high heels. If we are doing a winter shoot, a proper fitting jacket or proper fitting sweaters are great options. Remember, every little detail from your shoes to jewellery also matter, keep it all in mind.


Now that clothing is covered, the next element in styling is hair and makeup. I strongly recommend professional hair and makeup. A makeup artist will give you a soft neutral look that will always photograph well. If you do hair and makeup for the engagement session, go for a trial before the shoot so you can see how your results look in camera and get a glimpse for your wedding day. I have had previous clients do a somewhat scaled down version of their wedding hair and makeup as they did not want a full hair up-do or more detailed make-up for the engagement session, but they did want an Idea of how it would look on the wedding day. For the gents, if you go to get a haircut a few days before the shoot I recommend only getting a cleanup versus an actual cut. For me I always find my hair looks best two weeks after a haircut as it is at a length I prefer.

The engagement session is a chance for you to open up in front of the camera and for you to get photographs taken in a location that means something to you.


Is there anything that has meaning to your relationship you would like photographed or a piece of jewellery that has family meaning? It is not necessary to bring or wear any items to your shoot but if you think it makes sense for you by all means bring along any item and we can document it as well.


The location is the last part that ties everything together. I would love to hear about places that hold a special bond between you two as a couple. If you are struggling to figure out locations, I know several locations we can shoot in. Click here to get a glimpse of some of my favourite locations in Niagara.